Testing Water for Legionella

Every employer, landlord and premises operators with water facilities must carry out regular Legionella testing to comply with Health & Safety laws.

Let our engineers perform a detailed Legionella risk assessment and you’ll never worry about the bacteria which causes this deadly disease.

Our assessment includes:

  • Carry out on-site Legionella risk assessment inspection
  • Remove debris, rust, sludge or scale from water systems
  • Water analysis & reporting
  • Deep clean & eradicate Legionella – if required
  • Routine testing and sampling – if required
  • Review & update risk assessments

If a problem is identified, our engineers can diagnose the most appropriate solution and issue a cost-effective quote for the repair.

Legionella Risk Assessment
Legionella Risk Assessment

Identify risks & take precautions

To achieve compliance with the Health and Safety Executive Approved Code of Practice, we document and record any risk factors.

  • Infrequently used showers or taps
  • Dead-legs in pipe work
  • Uncovered storage tanks
  • Cold water systems above 20°C
  • Hot water stored below 60°C

Where necessary, advice will be given about future control strategies and implementable measures which could prevent the build-up of bacteria. Paper and electronic copies of all our findings will be issued.

Complete support & peace of mind

  • We help ensure you’re always 100% compliant
  • Minimise unnecessary maintenance costs
  • Reduce risk of long-term problems
  • Expert plumbers & engineers you can rely on
  • Fast and reactive support available
Legionella Risk Assessment