Building Services division expands to offer turnkey solutions

Martin Dixon Ltd is growing, capitalising on over 30 years of building services experience. We’re expanding our Building Services Division, formerly called Small Works. This expansion is the result of high demand for services in the Hull area. It is also our drive to offer more convenience and reduced costs to customers.

New Building Services Division

This new division offers installation and maintenance of plumbing, heating, ventilation, HVAC, electrical and more. These services are available for both domestic and commercial properties. With all these capabilities, customers will find that projects just go smoother. We act as a principal contractor to ensure every need is met and all work is done compliantly and within your budget.

Facilities Management

To manage facilities, we provide bespoke service plans so that the program is focused on your specific needs. No two facilities are the same and each one requires unique solutions. The offerings in Facilities Management include planned preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, and compliance. We help you protect your property and assets by ensuring the infrastructure is performing as it should.

In addition, we are investing in Smart Software that will enable you to log in to your projects.

This will enable you to have full access to your project. Simply log into your account and you can see what’s happening with real-time updates. These services are available as monthly payments, so you don’t have to make large capital expenditures all at once.

Property Project Management Service Plans

Let us be the solution to property project management. With us, you’ll receive the best in property project management. Consider us an extension of your own team, working hard to ensure each project is carried out according to timelines and cost restraints.

Why Choose Us

When choosing a company for building services, the details matter. We think you should have full transparency in how we work. That’s why we have intelligent IT systems and applications. We integrate business information into one software program enabling us to work smarter for you. You’ll find that more efficiency in this area leads to a better run organisation.

Our services are also cost-effective. We don’t waste time on managing your property or construction project. Expect from us professional, helpful solutions that make a difference in your day-to-day duties. And you won’t have to worry about compliance—we’ve got that covered, too.

Ready for a better business services experience? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our expanded solutions for domestic and commercial properties.  

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