Engineering expert awarded prestigious BREEAM Accredited Professional status

DIXON Group is delighted to now officially boast BREEAM Accredited Professional status – a prestigious accolade within the engineering industry.

BREEAM AP is a qualification which demonstrates the holder has specialist skills in sustainability and environmental design, combined with a high level of competence in the BREEAM assessment process.

According to the approved BREEAM AP listings on GreenBookLive, we are the only company in the Hull & East Yorkshire region to have achieved this sought-after accreditation.

Now we can provide design teams with expert advice about built environment sustainability, environmental design and environmental assessment for any new build or refurbishment initiative.

Helping to achieve BREEAM certification

To ensure a building will meet the sustainability standards specified under BREEAM, our experts can help design teams to successfully schedule activities, set priorities and negotiate any trade-offs required to reach the target BREEAM rating during the formal design assessment.

An official BREEAM performance rating is issued to reflect the performance achieved by a project and its stakeholders, as measured against uniform standards and benchmarks.

The BREEAM ratings are:

  • Acceptable
  • Pass
  • Good
  • Very Good
  • Excellent
  • Outstanding

From a client perspective, the rating allows different projects to be compared – providing reassurance about the quality of the construction and their asset’s value.

Work with us & get additional credits

Up to three credits are available under BREEAM 2011 for the comprehensive use of a BREEAM AP throughout a project.

By tapping in to our expertise during the early design stages and drawing on our input throughout, clients can also maximise the chances of gaining a high score throughout the assessment.

Before being accepted on to the BREEAM scheme, Tom Shearer, Mechanical & Electrical Design Lead at Dixon Integrated Services, had to gain three years’ professional experience to complement his membership of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET) and BSc in Building Services Engineering.

Having successfully gained BREEAM AP status, he is excited about the prospect of working on sustainable schemes and the long-term benefits his knowledge could bring to projects.

Mr Shearer said: “I’m proud to have been recognised as having a significant understanding of the BREEAM process and how it impacts upon design.

“For projects where the BREEAM scheme is required, clients who engage with us at an early stage can really benefit from additional support and expertise during the design process, as well as the three additional credits because of our AP status.

“Some schemes are only approved by the local authority if the building can achieve a specific BREEAM approved level. Being accredited is an asset for our clients because they know they can work in partnership with an experienced contractor with a full understanding of environmental design and sustainability.

“Knowing how to improve a building during the design phase means we can measure its efficiency versus best practice and make improvements which will deliver long-term savings.”

To benefit from expert advice and discover how to use BREEAM principles in your project, call 01482 574174 for an informal discussion.

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