Sprinkler Systems: The Most Effective Solution for protection from fire

Fire is a real threat to both residential and commercial structures. In fact, fire and rescue services attended to 162,000 fires in England from 2015 to 2016, with 303 fire-related fatalities during that same time. While the response to fires has advanced with technology and expertise, one thing that should never be overlooked is preventing the fire from spreading. This can be accomplished with sprinkler systems, suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. The simple addition of the sprinklers can save lives and stop fires from spreading.

Recommendation for Sprinklers is Overwhelming

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) recommends automatic fire sprinkler systems as the most effective way to protect people and property from the devastation of fire.  However, regulations don’t require them in every building, only those built since 2007 and taller than 30 meters. Some older buildings have retrofitted their spaces, as a means to ensure fires do not spread.

Fire Sprinkler System Design and Installation

Pipework and sprinkler heads are specially designed depending on the space and its attributes. Then these elements are installed and secured. One important aspect of installation is to ensure the cover plate is flush to the finished ceiling. The sprinkler system can basically “disappear” into the ceiling with the right design and colour.

After all pipes and heads are installed, a check of each one throughout the building occurs. This includes examining all the pipe joints to detect any leakage. Once all testing has taken place and the system is operational, it’s connected to the main water supply or a storage tank . The hope is you’ll never have to use it. But should a situation occur, your automatic sprinklers are ready to extinguish the fire.

Sprinklers for Homes and Commercial Property

While fire sprinklers are more often associated with commercial property, houses can have them installed as well. For the commercial property owner, you may have to comply with regulations, but even if you don’t, the investment is worth what it could save.

Protect your residence with fire sprinklers. You’ll need a minimal amount, and they can be designed to fit your aesthetic. Even when you aren’t home, your sprinklers will respond to fire.

High-Quality Installers

The experts at Martin Dixon Limited use their experience and knowledge to design, install and maintain sprinkler systems for commercial and residential properties. Our specially trained staff will make recommendations and advise on the installation process. We’ll manage the process from beginning to end, ensuring regulations are met, all while keeping you on budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our sprinkler system installation solutions.


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