Triple accreditation success recognises highest standards of management systems and safety procedures

Dixon Group has demonstrated its continuing commitment to meeting the highest standards of business operation, customer service and construction safety having successfully achieved three key industry accreditations.

The business has been successful in gaining the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems accreditation, a global benchmark which sets out steps required to adopt and implement a quality management system.

It is designed to help businesses ensure they meet the needs and expectations of both customers and other interested parties, based on internationally recognised quality management principles set out by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Lisa Wood, Document & Quality Control Administrator at Dixon Group, said the ISO 9001 accreditation is hugely important to the business, demonstrating a clear commitment from senior people across all three businesses within Dixon Group to follow clear policies and procedures in every aspect of their work.

“ISO 9001 is very clear in that it demands complete buy-in from all in managerial positions to following the policies and procedures which are set out within a business, for everything from purchase orders and invoicing to compliance,” she said.

“As a business which has recently expanded from a single operation into an overall group with three specific business operations within in, it is essential for us to ensure we have consistent systems and processes running across Dixon Integrated Services, Dixon MEP and Dixon Facilities Management, all overseen and managed by Dixon Group.

“Going through this accreditation has been really beneficial for the company as a whole, as we have collectively met regularly to ensure we’ve been meeting the expectations required to pass audits, bringing greater consistency and clarity to how we work and the processes we follow.

“We were delighted to be awarded the accreditation with no non-conformities identified. The assessments did identify a couple of opportunities for improvement, which we are already implementing to further enhance the standard of our management across the business.”

Accreditations in Health and Safety also secured

Whilst securing ISO 9001, Dixon Group has also been successful in securing the renewal of its Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) accreditation, which ensures compliance across the different areas of risk management.

It has also become an accredited SafeContractor, further demonstrating to new and existing customers that the business is competent in all aspects of health and safety and protecting people as it goes about its work.

Kirk Dixon, Commercial Director at Dixon Group Ltd, said: “The Health & Safety of all at the organization is priority number 1 for us. The CHAS & soon to be Safe Contractor accreditations demand the highest standards in Health & Safety which is championed and promoted by all at the company. We want everyone to return home fit and well after a hard day at work. Both CHAS & Safe Contractor are demanding more from organizations year on year which is fantastic for the industry and the safety of all within it.

“ISO 9001 is something that the organization has been working towards for a while, like CHAS & Safe Contractor, ISO 9001 demands the highest standards in Quality Management. This is perfect for us as we continually strive to improve the service we supply to all clients. Going through the ISO 9001 process highlighted that we were working to parts of the accreditation along with highlighting areas that we could be a lot better in and more efficient in. I welcome this as no company is perfect and there are always ways to get better”.

“Gaining these accreditations is down to the hard work and determination of all within the organization.

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