Why we rebranded as Dixon Group and what it means to our valued customers

By Kirk Dixon, Commercial Manager, Dixon Group Ltd

It’s now a few weeks since we launched our new website and introduced our new branding and Group structure to our clients.

We are pleased to say the move has been met with positivity, approval and support.

However, I thought it important to explain the changes, the reasons we have made them, and the benefits we believe it brings to our clients.

Under our previous Martin Dixon Ltd identity, our business had grown continually and steadily over the past three decades.

It was a business built on foundations of integrity, quality and attention to detail, growing from a business established as a sole trader to an Incorporated Limited Company employing more than 100 full-time members of staff.

Over the years we became known as a one-stop-shop for the construction sector, as we naturally expanded into new areas of buildings services, including working on large MEP Commercial & Industrial Contracts, and in providing facilities management services, adding to our long-held expertise in commercial heating and plumbing systems.

However, whilst those who know us well were aware of the size and scale of our business, especially across Yorkshire, those new to us perhaps found it difficult to understand exactly what we did, and who at our business was best to support them.

It was for that reason that we took the decision to form Dixon Group Ltd.

The aim was to firstly bring greater clarity to what we do and the services we provide to our customers, and secondly to add greater focus internally as to how we develop and improve what we offer our clients.

We are already seeing the benefits of each specialist area within our business becoming its own company within the Group.

They each now have their own focus and an identity, as the move enables our talented managers to grow each company within the specific sector of the construction industry that their services best suite, in turn strengthening our position as Dixon Group Ltd in the market.

So, Dixon Group Limited, now incorporates;

  • Dixon Integrated Services – Focused on the design and installation of commercial and industrial mechanical and electrical installations, to both the public and private sector
  • Dixon MEP – Focused on design and installation of mechanical and electrical installations to the domestic new build sector
  • Dixon Facilities Management – Focused on planned and reactive maintenance to commercial organisations

Dixon Group Limited and the companies within are run with the integrity, quality and attention to detail that saw Martin Dixon Ltd succeed over 35 years of trading.

Our mission statement is ‘Quality on time, every time’ to which all team members buy in to and follow at all times.

We value each and every client that we are lucky enough to work for and treat clients and team members with the respect that they deserve, along with how we would want to be treated ourselves.

That is why we have made the change. We believe we can improve on what already was an excellent service.

We are still a family run organisation with those strong values at our core, and we appreciate and understand that without our loyal and new clients, there wouldn’t be Dixon Group Limited.

So yes, there has been a change, but it has been one taken to ensure we continue to deliver our promise to each and every client. That is always our goal.

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